The Best Newsletters for Freelance Writers

These are the newsletters that help me do my job.

One of the biggest challenges of being a freelance writer is figuring out how to do the job. There are no colleagues to chat with at the water cooler. There is no boss to train you. There’s no HR department or employee handbook. You’re on your own, kid.

Luckily, there are many, many others out there doing the same work, and many of them are happy to offer their guidance and support.

Over time, I’ve subscribed to quite a few newsletters that have helped me navigate this weird field, and I want to highlight a few of my favorites.

(I don’t know any of the writers below personally; I’ve just found their newsletters to be incredibly helpful, so I want to show them some love. Click on each title to subscribe to any of the newsletters you’re interested in.)

Notes from a Hired Pen

Jen Miller is a full-time freelance health, science, and technology writer with more than 15 years of experience. She is also a runner, and many of her major bylines reflect that. (In case you doubt her love of running, she literally wrote a book titled Running: A Love Story.)

Now, I am not a runner. You will only find me running when there is someone chasing me with a deadly weapon. Beyond that, a brisk walk is about as fast as I go. And I don’t write much in the tech or science realm.

BUT, I still love Jen’s weekly newsletter. She shares great info on how she’s found clients, how she generates ideas, and how she pulls in a six-figure annual income. All incredibly useful info for those (like me) who are somewhat new to the field.

The Freelancer’s Year

Lindy Alexander is a freelance travel, food, and lifestyle writer based in Australia. Her work has been published in a number of international outlets, and she has a fantastic blog called The Freelancer’s Year. If you subscribe to her newsletter, you’ll get weekly emails with links to her latest blog posts on pitching, corporate writing, feature writing, the business of freelancing, and more.

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

One More Question

Created and run by freelance writer Britany Robinson, this weekly email is described as “a newsletter for freelance writers who are determined to make it work — even when this industry just keeps getting harder.” Each issue includes links to pitch calls, grant opportunities, interesting articles, and other fun resources.

Britany also interviews freelancers and shares their responses with her subscribers. The most recent one — a Q&A with sexuality professional/freelance writer Gabrielle Kassel — was fascinating!

This is one of the few newsletters I pay for. It’s $45/yr or $5/mo, but it’s absolutely worth the expense.

Freelancing with Tim

Tim Herrera is an editor of The New York Times’ Smarter Living, and during the early months of the pandemic he launched a series of free weekly Zoom panels in which experienced journalists discussed their careers and answered questions.

His newsletter offers advice on pitching, writing, connecting with editors, negotiating pay, and more. He has since transitioned to Patreon and I’m not sure how often the free newsletter will continue going forward, but if you check the Freelancing with Tim site, you’ll find an archive of all past issues, which is still enormously helpful.

Music Journalism Insider

This one is for the music journalists out there (or those who aspire to be one, like me). Music professional Todd L. Burns launched this newsletter, which has two versions— one free, one paid.

The freebie includes links to articles on music, news about the industry, and interviews with writers, scholars, and editors. With a paid subscription ($66/yr or $6/mo), you get some really cool extras: access to a “How to Pitch Database,” which offers contact information and pitching info for hundreds of music publications; an extra weekly newsletter with job openings and freelance pitch calls; reading recommendations; and more.

Journalism Jobs and a Photo of My Dog

The title of this one pretty much sums it up. Run by Mandy Hofmockel, a Managing Editor at Hearst, this weekly free newsletter includes a long list of journo job openings, useful tips and resources from around the web, and a super cute photo of Mandy’s super cute dog.

There’s also a paid edition (for $36/yr or $5/mo), which includes additional newsletters with advice on crafting better resumes and cover letters, Q&As with journalists, and more.

Opportunities of the Week

I’ve mentioned this one before but it’s worth sharing again because it’s SO helpful. Sonia Weiser is a freelance writer who sends out a weekly newsletter chock full of editors’ pitch calls. It’s a great way to find out who wants pitches without having to spend hours scouring Twitter or various publication sites. You can subscribe through Patreon for as little as $1/mo.

A Petty Job

Amber Petty is a former actor/current freelance writer who sends out this free weekly email full of what she refers to as “side hustles.” The newsletter includes pitch calls as well as links to job opportunities and her tips for success in any creative industry.

If you’re currently freelancing (or just curious about where to begin), consider subscribing to some of these great resources. If nothing else, they’ll make you feel a little less lonely as you build a freelancing career.

And if you’re looking for more help, consider checking out my other articles on the topic:

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